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Dining Review: The Hangar Grille is ready for takeoff


  • Letter: Rockhaven park is a sustainable idea

    Letter: Rockhaven park is a sustainable idea

    Many of the ideas being put forth for the Rockhaven Sanitarium property are for more houses and retail shops. We don’t need more of either. We have very few green park areas where we can relax and enjoy our area. We do have mountains and trails, but many people can’t use them. We pay a lot in property...

  • Letter: Glendale's water issues remain liquid

    Kudos to Harry Zavos and Larry Moorehouse of the Glendale Coalition for Better Government in drafting an alternative proposal to save millions of dollars for a repowering of the Grayson power plant. The GWP report card as given by Steve Zurn of GWP at a recent City Council meeting showed Glendale...

  • Letter: Praise for Glendale police efforts in arrests

    In regards to the article in the News-Press of the capture and arrest by Glendale police officers of a trio of individuals who had allegedly burglarized two homes on Chadney Drive, I had just stopped at the intersection of Chadney and Lenore drives and happened to watch the arrests taking place...

  • Letter: Gratitude for Holy Family coverage

    I would like to thank the Glendale News-Press and Kelly Corrigan for writing about Holy Family Grade School's 90th anniversary. The citizens of Glendale should be very proud of all of our schools — public, private, and parochial. Our city is known for providing an excellent education with the help...